What can a man dressed in rags teach us about life?

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Everything as it turns out. Bahlool who lived in Baghdad, circa the 8th century AD, feigned madness to escape the oppression of the ruling class. Now free of the burden of normalcy he dispensed wisdom in strange and amusing ways.


“For those of us who have been brought up hearing the wonderful stories of Bahlul's wisdom, this book truly brings them to life in a way unlike ever before. And for those who have not yet heard, trust me you are in for a treat. Reflect on what is inside, and I promise you, you will never think the same way again. Either way it will leave a lasting impression. Buying this book might just be the wisest decision you made this year.”

Safi Shah

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The Wise Fool of Baghdad is a collection of true stories from the life of Bahlool.

The Comics are richly illustrated in the Turkish-Iranian miniature style.

Every story is followed by sacred verses of the Qur'an and traditional sayings, inscribed in Arabic By Muqtar Ahmed, one of India's finest Islamic calligraphers.

The Wise Fool of Baghdad

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